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FL: US2A Introduction to Basic Shotgun Course - $195

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Location: Lakeland/Mulberry, Florida area

Our US2A Introduction to Basic Shotgun Course is an Entry Level course for citizens who want to learn the safe and responsible use of their shotgun. Our Number One Focus is on SAFETY !

This Four Hour Course is scheduled on a Private Class, one on one basis, by appointment only. Our students will learn the Rules of Safe Gun Handling, the mechanical operation of either their shotgun or a pump action shotgun, safe storage of firearms, the components of shot-shell ammunition, and develop basic marksmanship skills with a shotgun on a static target!

Note: In order to register for this course, students Must be at least 21 years of age and legally own or is legally allowed to use and possess a modern shotgun with a shoulder stock, safety glasses, ear muffs and twenty five #7.5 or #8 shot shells.

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