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[FL - Handgun Safety and Competency Training]

Handgun Safety and Competency Training

Private Course


 It consists of approximately three hours of classroom training and one hour of range training. The one hour of range training will be scheduled in addition to the classroom training.  The class fee does not include a $17 to $20 range fee paid by the student on the day of the range training.


Students must be at least 21 years of age, legally reside in the state of Florida and have no Local, State or Federal court orders or restrictions on the possesion or use of firearms for training purposes.

Handgun Safety and Competency Training
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[Clock] Duration: -9 Hrs -15 Mins
[User] Age Restrictions: 21+
[Users] Class Size: TBD
[Thumbtack] Location:
Mulberry and Lakeland, Florida
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