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[NY: US2A Private Handgun Training Lessons]

US2A Private Handgun Training Lessons

New York Private Course


This class is designed as a follow up for those who have already taken the Basic Pistol group class. We are offering a minimum of Two Hour sessions of Private 1 student to 1 instructor Handgun Training. Our Number One Focus is on SAFETY ! Our Instructor will concentrate on the Shooting Fundamentals and Improve your Basic Marksmanship Skills!

1 Seat available in each lesson


In order to register for this course, students:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Legally Possess a modern semi-automatic pistol or revolver.
  • 100 rounds of factory loaded standard pressure ammunition of the proper caliber for your handgun
  • Safety glasses & ear muffs. 
US2A Private Handgun Training Lessons
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[Clock] Duration: TBD
[User] Age Restrictions: 21+
[Users] Class Size: Max 1 Seats
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Avon, NY
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