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NY: US2A - Concealed Carry Handgun Training - $160

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Location: Avon, NY

This course includes a lecture, interactive discussions and training on: Firearms Safety, the Use of Force, Drawing from Concealment, the Proper Use of Cover, Tactical & Defensive Shooting Techniques and the Defensive Mindset. This Class is conducted from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Eight seats available in each class.

Prerequisites: The NRA Basic Pistol Course or equivalent level documented handgun training (no exceptions). Students will need 250 rounds of factory loaded, standard pressure, FMJ ammunition. This class is moderately physically demanding. Required Gear: a Valid NYS Pistol Permit, a mid to full size semi auto pistol or revolver chambered in 380 ACP or larger caliber registered on your NYS Pistol Permit, A kydex or leather non collapsible holster(strong side and belt mounted)

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