[FL: TC4HRS - Trauma Care Training Class]

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FL: TC4HRS - Trauma Care Training Class - $125


Location: Lakeland, Florida area

Trauma Care for High Risk Situations *** Please, contact Joseph G. 1776 Training and Consulting at this link: https://www.1776tc.com/

This class was designed for the regular citizen! You do not need any prior medical training! Our world is rapidly changing and whether you encounter a one on one threat or an event where masses are injured, citizens need to be prepared and trained. We call these low frequency-high risk events.

This course will be conducted from either 9 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 5 PM. Please, arrive early.

By participating in TC4HRS, we will cover the following:

Scene Safety Hot/Warm/Cold-Safe Zone

Care under fire principles



Hemorrhage Control

Chest injuries

Abdominal Injuries


Tourniquet use, wound packing, chest seals

Airway management

Fracture management

Packaging and moving casualties

Care during evacuation

There will be hands on lab work for tourniquet use, wound packing & scenarios.

Max: 8 students

If you decide to attend this class you will need to have: - Notebook and Pen - Old clothing (as you may get dirty) - NO FIREARMS NOR AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM NOR ON THE TRAINING GROUNDS. THIS IS A NON SHOOTING COURSE! We will be in contact with and send emails to all of the registered students, prior to the class date, with the specific training location and list of what to bring ! We look forward to training with you.

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